Tim Hortons

Canada’s largest coffee chain introduced a digital rewards program with a mobile app and reusable swipe card. Read more

Coffee Report

Ron Joyce, who founded the iconic Tim Horton’s coffee-and-donut chain, died Jan. 31. He was 88. Read more

Coffee Report

Several coffee firms announced promotions and a changing of the guard at the first of the year. Read more


Tim Hortons, the iconic Canadian coffee and doughnut chain, intends to open 1,500 coffee shops in China during the next 10 years. Read more

Coffee Report

Canadian coffee-and-doughnuts giant Tim Hortons is responding to complaints by franchisees by investing $100 million to improve its distribution system. Read more

Coffee Report

The company did not provide a timeline for the move or the number of outlets planned but a spokesman described the initiative as “aggressive.” Read more

Coffee Report

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