Road signs EU and BREXIT

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Regardless of the resolution of the UK’s long Brexit saga, the tea industry will be significantly affected. The main impacts are already apparent. Read more

Tea Report

The East Africa Community secretariat and the European Union are addressing technical barriers to trade in five countries. Standards are under review with publication of the revisions expected by June. Read more

Tea Report

The surprise October election of far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro to lead Brazil initially bode well for the Brazilian real. Since then the real has fallen 12% for the year, an indication of political uncertainty and slow growth. Read more


Sanctions have caused Iran’s currency to nosedive, unemployment to increase, and inflated prices for tea and sugar. Read more

Tea Report

Tea was not among the $200 billion in Chinese imports subject to a 10% US tariff announced Sept. 24. Read more


Hong Kong and trade ministers from the 10-member Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in November signed two remaining free trade investment deals putting in place the last elements of a decade-long effort to lower trade barriers. Read more


  • Kaffee, Weltkarte, Kaffeetasse

    Andreas Gruhl Andreas Gruhl -

    Kaffee, Weltkarte, Kaffeetasse

    Kaffee, Weltkarte, Kaffeetasse

  • Ship crossing Panama Canal at Miraflores Locks - Panama City, Pa

    Old locks restricted transit of ultra large container vessels (ULCV) through the Panama Canal

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