Unilever announced the opening of two high-volume factories, located in the New Industrial Area of Doha, a neighborhood that features advanced infrastructure and logistics. Read more

Tea Report

Research studies are now able to show specific molecular cause-effect relationships instead of correlations that are suggestive but do not meet standards of scientific evidence. Read more

Tea Report

The European Food Safety Authority has awarded Unilever a positive opinion on its health claim that black tea improves people’s attention span. The EFSA endorsement is a first involving tea. Read more


Tazo Tea, the mystical, quirky, somewhat eccentric legend created by Steven Smith, lives on as a Unilever brand acquired from Starbucks in November for $384 million. Read more


The Kenya Tea Development Agency Management Services, Unilever, and IDH recently concluded a collaborative initiative to improve the livelihood of thousands of small-scale tea farmers. Read more

Tea Report

Unilever is scaling up production of its T.O by Lipton capsule tea brewer. The brewer is available in France where it has enjoyed enthusiastic consumer response. Read more


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