Wilbur Curtis Co.

Wilbur Curtis, founded in 1941, is one of America’s largest tea and coffee brewing equipment makers, earning $90 million annually and employing 300. Read more


Gourmet tea slushies, cold-brewed coffee, and icy hot chocolate get a consumer double-take in coffee shops and quick-service restaurants. Read more


Centering Research on Coffee

Photo by Dan Shryock

The Coffee Center at the University of California, Davis, is the first multidisciplinary university research center in the US to address the challenges and needs of the coffee industry. Read more


Brewer manufacturer Wilber Curtis, in Montebello, Calif., recently launched the GemX with one-touch, icon-driven digital controls. Read more


Wilbur Curtis Co. has pledged $250,000 to the University of California, Davis to support the university’s expanding Coffee Center. The donation is the first to a major academic institution by the manufacturer of coffee and tea brewing equipment. Read more

Coffee Report

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