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Women are perhaps the greatest untapped resource available to avert challenges to the global coffee industry. Read more


'Voiceless' Women in  Brazil Raise a Shout

Photo courtesy Ernesto Ricciardi, Coffee Museum, Santos, Brazil.

Two important international coffee reports on the contributions of women in coffee largely dismiss women’s role in Brazil, prompting outcry and a national survey to quantify their participation. Read more

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Bloomberg Philanthropies increases commitment in Rwanda, Congo

Bloomberg Philanthropies photo

Bloomberg Philanthropies recently announced it will invest an additional $10 million to expand the organization’s women’s economic development program in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more

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Philippe Nyirimihigo

Sustainable Harvest returned to Rwanda in November to host Let’s Talk Coffee Best of Rwanda. International coffee industry members visited the Twongere Umusaruro cooperative of women farmers in Rwanda’s Kayonza district. Read more

Coffee Report

Gender Equity

Photo Courtesy of Coffee Quality Institute

Three major papers from non-governmental organizations published in less than a month attest to the fact that gender equality, including women’s empowerment, continue as topics of great interest—in the world as a whole and in the coffee sector. Read more


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