World Coffee Portal

The pace of new coffee shop openings in the United States continues to slow, according to new research from Allegra World Coffee Portal. Read more

Coffee Report

Project Iced UK 2019, World Coffee Portal’s annual analysis of the UK’s rapidly developing iced beverages segment, reveals iced beverage sales grew 14.3% in 2018. Read more


The appeal of premium tea in coffee shops is driving loose-leaf sales in England. A study by Allegra’s World Coffee Portal reveals the segment grew revenue by 11.1% last year. Read more

Tea Report

Project Tea 2019, a new study released by the Allegra World Coffee Portal, shows an 11% increase in tea sales across the United Kingdom. Demand for premium and loose-leaf tea is driving the increase. Read more

Tea Report

The International Coffee Organization and the World Coffee Portal recently released very positive reports on retail coffee growth in Asia. Read more


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