India’s Tea Industry Struggles To Flourish



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Regarding poor prices for Indian Teas

There are several factors which has come to my mind through these years regarding uplifts for Indian tea industry.

1. No Tea imports should be allowed at any cost.

2. Production capacity should be limited for manufacturers, some concentrate on higher quantity than quality. Specially BLF's.

3. Density of tea should be prescribed based on litres or box method.

4. Colouring in tea should be made a criminal offense.

5. Cancel patent provided to one retailer in karnataka to use food colouring legally, and he has licensed others to use colouring in tea artificially.

6. Tea waste license should only be given to bonafide users.

7. The licensing authority should take all in to equal consideration growers, manufacturers and sellers. Unbiased. All should benefit equally.

Shinan CP more than 3 years ago

tea Supply-demand

what do you think will be supply situation this year sir? wanted to know if the increase in tea prices this year can have any effect on profts of RTG's as against the loss of production due to covid19? Any input would be appreciated

aayush bag more than 3 years ago

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