The Many Uses of Tea Waste



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Excellent, I drink tons of tea

I wind up disposing of great quantities of tea leaves of all kinds, usually in the sink disposal or trash. It's messy and if you let it sit, the leaves turn slimy and yucky. They can clog the drain.

For these reasons, I've been wondering about this topic, myself, and therefore appreciate the information. In the past, I've tried using barely moist tea leaves to assist in sweeping dusty floors (you sweep the leaves with the broom and they pick up dust and hair, then you toss the lot; works pretty well). I hear some people eat the leaves in salads, but they usually seem too tough to chew, for me. Thank you.

David Hicks more than 2 years ago

Tea waste

The presence of tannic acid in tea is a very old urban myth - it has long been established that there is no tannic acid in made tea and thus, ipso facto, no tannic acid in tea waste.

Nigel Melican, Teacraft Technical Services more than 2 years ago


Excellent article. Mr Peter did a thorough study on the subject. is there any way to get the chemical composition of tea waste?

Manoj.d.archibald more than 2 years ago

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